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Our original idea was to use tech to help funds create a better dialogue with their investors. While this idea had promise, it wasn’t a ‘must have’ for fund managers. It was clear we needed to re-think our product.

So, we put together a team of investment bankers, software engineers, chartered accountants and UX designers. We gave them a goal: create a ‘must have’ service for private equity funds – one that looks good, functions good and adds significant value.

Today Fundrbird is a mature platform that integrates private equity fund accounting, investor reporting and portfolio reporting. We are 100% founder owned and we plan to stay that way. Our long-term goal is to continue innovating in the private equity space. We hope you come along for the ride.

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Feel free to reach out to members of our team – even if you’re not a client. They’re trustworthy, talented and pleasant to work with. They can help you improve fund operations and expand your private equity skillset.

  • Bram van Esch

    Bram van Esch

    International sales, CEO

    An investment banker turned entrepreneur, Bram loves spreading the word about Fundrbird. He likes to discuss the intricacies of fund administration and show funds how to scale their fund operations.

    As CEO, Bram is also focused on finding the best talent and making sure we have a lot of fun and stick together. He is very happy to have offices in 2 tech hubs because it gives us access to the best software engineers, designers and product people in Europe.

  • Ivo Bolderhey

    Ivo Bolderhey

    Fund accounting lead

    Ivo enjoys working at the cutting edge of finance and IT. By improving data reliability and consistency, he feels Fundrbird has improved the lives of fund managers and investors.

    As our fund accounting lead, he will make sure your fund structure fits with our software. The idea is to customize the experience with reports and metrics tailored to achieving your fund’s goals. Our reports, which go beyond numbers, can translate business events into fund reporting.

  • Oskar Zaboklicki

    Oskar Zaboklicki

    Fund accounting analyst

    Oskar helps clients become fluent with our software and platform. As a fund accounting analyst, he will show you what you need to do to ensure data accuracy. He enjoys the ‘can-do’ Fundrbird culture because everyone has the same focus: making a better product for our clients.

    According to Oskar: Each client has unique challenges. Sometimes we handle these challenges manually and sometimes we need to build something onto to the platform. At Fundrbird, you can really make an impact.

  • Cyrille de Warrimont

    Cyrille de Warrimont

    Product lead

    Talking to potential clients, defining their problem and creating a solution to solve their problem. These are the steps Cyrille followed when designing the Fundrbird platform.

    The more our team spoke to clients the more we realized the importance of fund accounting. In 2018, we expanded Fundrbird to include fund accounting. Cyrille sees product development is an ongoing process. He enjoys speaking with fund managers and designing products to make their lives easier.

  • Tomasz Ozga

    Tomasz Ozga

    Software lead

    Tomasz has an intimate knowledge of private equity mathematics. He can translate this knowledge into product features that make sense to fund managers.

    As software lead, Tomasz makes sure everything in our platform runs like clockwork. He built our Wroclaw team from scratch. He hired software developers, fund accountants and customer support. When new features are added, Tomasz and his team guide the project from development to production.

  • Roderick van Esch

    Roderick van Esch

    Client solutions lead

    As client solutions lead, Roderick helps you maximize the value from your Fundrbird investment. This includes implementing and optimizing your solution continuously. As the needs of your fund evolves, he’s with you every step of the way.

    Roderick is a good listener. He will ask you about your business and technical requirements. Based on your fund documentation and goals, he will create and define a high quality, efficient solution. This enables our team to automate your processes, get you up and running as soon as possible and partner with you going forward.

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